Life or Something Like It

I’m sorry I really haven’t been writing in here as much as I’d like to. Back in the day of livejournal when I was in High School going through college it seemed like all I used to do would blog like all day and all night. Back then it was like I wanted to document everything down so I could go back one day and reread my life at that time and compare where I was then up until now. Then I don’t know after about two years of constant blogging I just kind of gave up and was like screw this I’m done with this so I really haven’t gotten back onto the scene since around 2008.

Since then I’ve gotten off the drugs and alcohol and will be celebrating 10 years sober in July. I met my wife in 2009 then we ended up moving in together in 2011 and ended up getting married at the end of 2012. Then unfortunately I had to lay her to rest in September of this past year after almost being separated for 4 months and we were in the process of getting divorced. I mean we were still friends and talked everyday but I just couldn’t handle bearing the entire weight of our marriage any longer. We had separated before at the end of 2014 for about 6 months then we got back together in I think around May of 2015 after we had gone to counseling. But I don’t know it seemed like as soon as she moved back in things not only went back to the way they were but actually got worse. Our marriage counselor had told me to basically leave her alone and let her come back to me after showing her I had changed so I tried that for 4 years up until we finally decided to call it quits this last time in May of last year.

I’m so frustrated here going on 8 months after she passed. I mean Over the 10 years we were together I tried so hard to make our relationship a success but you know what I’ve learned over that time? You need to realize that your self worth is more than just a relationship. I love my wife but when I look back on things all the signs were there from the get go and I just ignored them thinking that over time things would change and get better but they never did. She had just graduated from hair school and was looking on becoming the next big hair stylist which I believed she could do. But when we first met one of the main reasons why I didn’t first go for her and want to date her wasn’t because I didn’t like her it was because I just had this intuitive feeling in my gut that I just didn’t feel any sparks and that when we did hang out I was 90% of the conversation which I really didn’t like. I didn’t want to feel like I was dating myself but in a relationship with someone I truly could carry a conversation with who would love to share themselves with me as I would share myself with them. Well needless to say after she passed I felt like I had known everything about her. But as time continues to progress I realize now my wife was like an iceberg. She would only allow you to see what was above the water but nothing below the surface.

After she passed I learned many things from her brother from her deciding to drink and drug again that she hadn’t really lost her job at Sport Clips but actually decided to quit but kept it from me because she didn’t want to apparently “upset me.” This was the same woman early on in our relationship had preached to me about how half truths were still whole lies but at the end of our time together it seemed like she didn’t have any problems with giving me a bunch of half truths. Like she told me she wanted full transparency in our relationship so I gave her access to all of my passwords to all of my bank accounts, emails, and credit cards but when I would ask for the same treatment she would tell me she didn’t know any of her stuff. I blindly accepted this but now that I think about it I realize now even if that were the case she could have resetted her passwords at anytime and could have given them to me then but she never did. She often accused me of having extra marital affairs because she had partners in her past who had them. It wasn’t until she had pushed me to my limits in 2014 where I finally asked her for a divorce I had actually began dating and had started to see another woman after we had separated. During that time she decided to try and poison the well around me by apparently telling my close friends lies about me like I had started drinking and drugging again. She even went to my Mom and had been emailing her telling her lies about me trying to get her to hate me then too in which my Mom started telling me I needed to fix the situation and do whatever I could to fix my marriage.

Sabrina even went as far as to hire a lawyer with half the money we had gotten from gifts from our family and friends for our marriage to try and dig up dirt on me so she could sue me for alimony. All because I had decided I didn’t want to be married anymore after she had emotionally abused me to the point of where I just wanted to pack things up and move on and be happy. I mean when someone basically always puts you down and makes you feel crummy and even accuses you of trying to sabotage their weight loss surgery after all you did for them was love and support them by going to all of the support group sessions, all of the seminars, put up the money for it, and even work the same diet they do and prepared their meals every night to help them lose the 25 pounds they needed to before the surgeon would touch them. She accused me of trying to sabotage her surgery because 10 days before she was supposed to go under the knife I had found out I was a MRSA carrier and I just wanted her doctors to know about it beforehand so there weren’t any complications on the operating table. Well when I told her I had done this she accused me of trying to sabotage her surgery which really hurt me. To me it was like she was more attached to getting her surgery then the sanctity of our marriage.

She decided on getting it done with our primary care physician without discussing it with me yet knowing that around 80% of marriages fail after the clients get it done. She had decided to be secretive with her doctors and not tell them she was a recovering addict so she could get dilaudid prescribed to her instead of the non narcotic pain reliever. It wasn’t until I had asked her doctors about what they were going to give her post op in which they told me and when I confronted her about it she basically told me it wasn’t any of my business yet we had many discussions before this that if any one of us had relapsed and started using again our relationship and our marriage would be over with. So, from my perspective it was like her surgery and getting what she wanted was more important then our marriage. So, around October that year when she again had decided to go behind my back and make decisions without telling me I had had enough and asked for a divorce. Then I don’t know I was watching American Wedding one night after our separation and parts of it for some reason made me want to try and fight for our marriage and make it work because when things were good we did have a good relationship but the problem is looking back on it now we had more bad times then good times in our relationship.

She moved back in around May of 2015 then we decided to try and make things work and well I guess I was in denial from that time until around our 10 year anniversary in February of 2019. I was constantly making excuses for her to my parents and friends on why I had to constantly sit in our living room and couldn’t go into our bedroom during the day because she would constantly be asleep until 4 or 5 in the afternoon only for us to eat dinner and her to go back to sleep again. So, it was like she was emotionally absent and I don’t know I just got tired of this arrangement and just wanted to be happy because I knew I was worth it that was when I gave her an ultimatum to either start being present in our relationship and participating somehow or else I was going to be leaving her when the year was up. I think I was more than patient over the years as I had financially carried us for a decade since for some reason she just never made any money at any of the places she worked. After 10 years of it I just couldn’t do it anymore. Plus I felt like we both had drifted in two different directions. I had goals and aspirations and wanted to live life whereas I got the feeling she just didn’t care anymore about the goals we had wanted to strive for years prior. I just couldn’t enable this kind of behavior anymore. Her bringing me to tears and affecting my sleep because I was worried every night on how we were going to pay our bills. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Overall I just don’t know who my wife was and that’s just sad. As any of my friends can tell you I’m an open book but as for my wife I guess she was so tight lipped she took a lot of who she was to the grave with her. Who would have foresaw her passing away a little less than 4 months after she had moved into her brother’s house? I know I didn’t know the last conversation I had with her on the 13th of September at 11 am would have been the last conversation with her. If I had I would have definitely said goodbye. I know our marriage failed and I still hold some resentments towards her but that doesn’t mean I don’t love her because I do. I tried so hard in making her happy and tried to save her but in the end I believe it was her secrets are what took her. Now here I am writing this entry because I dunno it’s Mother’s Day and our babies are without their momma and I just can’t help but miss her too. Even though we were separated we were still on good terms when she passed as we still spoke everyday it just we couldn’t be partners anymore. I don’t know where I’m going with this. I guess I’ll keep writing in here as they say pain shared is pain lessened. Just wish I still got to talk to my best friend everyday. Life gets really lonely after you lose your spouse. Goodnight everyone.

The Prestige

Hey there film lovers and others alike Cheese here and well last night I was patrolling through Twitter like I do everynight. (Yes, Brain that is what I would rather be doing then trying to take over the world.) Anyway, I came across this one thread from “The Academy” asking what the best ending in film was and of course my first thought that came to my mind was this film I feel like it probably one of the most underappreciated out of Christopher Nolan’s catalog that was basically a bridge project from him between “Batman Begins” (2005) and “The Dark Knight” (2008). That film would be called “The Prestige” (2006) Hard to believe that it came out almost 14 years ago already.

Anyway, I decided to google it’s ending and read up on what others might have come to the conclusion about it over the years and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. On this one page the author was saying that many people have come to the argument that they think the ending was flawed because Angier could have just pulled a Borden and just cloned himself and did what he did instead of drowning himself everynight while performing his Transported Man trick. I couldn’t believe what I was reading as it was like I felt like I was the only one who actually watched the film and understood what I believe Christopher and his brother were trying to tell in the story.

Borden as we find out later in the movie is actually a twin and they share their lives together often switching identities because Borden knew if he wanted to be go down in history as one of the greats he would have to “live his act.” Angier on the other hand didn’t believe he would ever have to do something like that and didn’t want that so he would refuse to get his hands dirty. Borden and his twin grew up together and they came to this conclusion on their own and were fine with alternating between the pledge and the prestige on a nightly basis. But if you watch Angier when he gets his own look alike for his own Transported Man he was ALWAYS unsatisfied with him just being the pledge for his trick. He always wanted to not only be the pledge for his trick but he also wanted to be the prestige for his trick. So much so he sends his own assistant to go work for him to steal his trick because Angier only cares about one person and that’s himself. He even told his own assistant when he gets Borden’s cypher that he didn’t care about his late wife just Borden’s cypher and his assistant was his new love he fell in love with. Problem between Angier’s setup and Borden’s is that Borden and his brother actually had a bond and made this decision on their own that they would live the life as one man while the other would live in hiding and alternate lives daily. They would even share a wife together even though one would love her and the other would actually love Olivia (Scarlett Johannson) and they did this because Borden knew for their trick to go down in history they would have to “live their trick.” Angier on the other hand just found a look alike that he had no bind with, one that didn’t grow up with him, one that could be easily bought with just pints of ale. I believe this comes in to hand later because when Angier clones himself with the machine he bought off Tesla you can see the frightened look in his eyes as he sees his clone for the first time ever. He didn’t know if that man would actually think the same as him is why I think he shoots the clone there and kills him. Again Angier not only wanted to be the pledge for his trick but also the prestige that came out the other end and his obsession and greed would end up being his downfall.

Angier after he came back from Colorado with his new machine and went to get his new show off the ground when he told the promoter he would only be doing an x amount of shows that was him trying to fish Borden out to come see him one more time to try and frame him for his murder even though he knew he would be unscathed at the end of his trick. That is the reason why I think Angier never truly wanted to do what Borden did because he was greedy and wanted it to be all about him. But when he tried to take Borden’s daughter after he set him up that was his downfall. Sure Borden will never be able to perform his trick again but by the end of it we see that Borden’s double life had taken it’s toll on him as the surviving one was the one who loved Sarah and his wife and eventually the double life of Borden and his brother led to her taking her own life so once Borden found out that Angier was still alive from Cutter and found out he was basically blackmailing his brother who was in jail for killing him Borden decided it was time to end the rivalry for good and knew he couldn’t be tried and convicted again and hung again for killing him since he apparently already did that so he kills Angier and in a way protects Angier’s own secrets and magicians in general by setting fire to the place and leaving him there to die with his water tanks of clones of himself as Angier wasn’t able to love anyone but himself anyway. Borden on the other hand found his new self in wanting to be there for his daughter.

Which one do you think won? Borden or Angier? Or was it a draw?

What do you think about my analysis of possibly one of my favorite films? I swear I learn something new everytime I watch it.

Until next time.


Sabrina My Last Letter to You

Sabrina, I’m still at a loss for words about your untimely passing. Here it is almost 5 am on the day we’re going to be celebrating your life and it’s just so hard to put words to paper about how much you meant to me over the last 10 years we were together. I always wanted the best for you and tried to give you the best. I just hope you had great memories of our relationship like I do. I’ll always remember how I was on OKCupid one night late at night and went into the advanced searching option because I kept going through profile after profile after profile and none of them jumped out to me. So, just like my nature (because I’m a control freak as you know) I typed in my favorite band and wouldn’t you know your profile was the first one that came up which I think it said we were a 92% match.
I knew for that moment forward I needed to message you after I read through your profile and little did, I know we were more like a 100% match than a 92% match. I guess OKcupid wasn’t too accurate there because I still remember whenever people would ask me about what you were like before they met you, I would always describe you like the female version of me because that’s what you were like. I had never met anyone so selfless and humble yet just as beautiful on the outside as the inside as you were. I know you loved all our animals we had over the years from Ronan and Jinxy even down to Newt who we just adopted in June.
These past 5 weeks have been the hardest I have ever endured. We were inseparable for 10 years to one day getting that phone call you were gone. The finality of it all. The fact that we weren’t going to grow old together like I envisioned. The fact Ash, Stardust, Tessie, and Newt are no longer going to be able to see and hug and kiss their mommy. The fact I’m never going to be able to take any more pictures with you at shows or movies anymore. The fact that I’ll never get to see that beautiful bright smile and your cute laugh anymore or get to hear your voice anymore it has eaten away at me. The fact both of our favorite numbers was 9 and that our wedding date added up to the number 9 coincidentally.
You were my best friend and my soulmate and now you’re onto your next journey into the afterlife and I hope Luna Bear is there with you to help be your therapy dog again. I miss you both so much and while I’m crying writing this I just want you to know I love you so much and wish I still could get a chance to hug and kiss you and express to you how much I love you since I know in life I wasn’t always the greatest at expressing my emotions as much as I wanted to. We had a special bond I doubt I will ever experience with anyone else. We often knew what the other person was thinking about without even having to tell the other. I’ll always cherish our time together. I guess it was God’s plan to put you in my life for as long as he did and well I’m selfish so I just wish it were longer then again I do remember you telling me one time you weren’t ever looking forward to growing old and that we had discussion about it and I asked you if you would still find me attractive when I got older with the possibility of my hair turning gray and thinning and you would often reassure me you would because you didn’t just love me for shallow reasons but for my insides as well. Point I’m getting at here is I guess you’ll never grow old now as you’ll always be 34. I just hope whenever we meet again, you’ll still want to be with me because you were my one and only. You were like a unicorn. You shouldn’t have existed, but you did, and I’ll always think about you and miss you. I just hope you’re at peace now. I love you Sabrina. I hope you get a chance to meet my Pop Pop and wait for me until I can see you again. I just hope you can guide me along the way into what I’m supposed to do from here.
I’m not sure how to end this because I really don’t won’t my time with you to end and turn the page of my life with you being apart of it so I guess I’ll just end it with a quote from one of our favorite songs from the band that brought us together in the first place “moments lost, though time remains I am so proud of what we were. No pain remains, no feeling, Eternity awaits. Grant me the wings that I might fly. My restless soul is longing. No pain remains, no feeling. Eternity awaits.”

My Letter to Hollywood

Hey there people sorry I haven’t really updated my blog in awhile but I don’t I just haven’t felt the inspiration to write in here. I mean I have seen so many movies since my last review in April but just haven’t written in here.  Anyway today I just felt like writing again after I had a conversation with a good friend of mine from Twitter. He made a comment on something I said to one of my friends about the news of Kenan and Kel apparently trying to get a sequel made of the late 90s Nickelodeon film “Good Burger.” I don’t know why but out of nowhere I just made a comment about how about instead of them making a sequel of that film or keep continuing to do these reboots or remakes or rehashes whatever you want to call them.

Image result for good burger

So yeah I ended up in a converstaion with a friend of mine about it and we came to the conclusion at least to ourselves WE ARE TIRED OF REMAKES AND REBOOTS OR UNNECCESSARY sequels to movies that don’t need sequels. Like I mean besides just hearing about this possible sequel that Hillary Duff is in the process of trying to get Lizzie McGurie rebooted 15 years after the last time her 12 year old audience last saw her. I mean who thinks these are good ideas? Who went to bed and thought hey you know what we need? We need a 30 year old Lizzie McGuire or Ed still working at Good Burger 20 years after we saw him. I mean where is my motivation in wanting to see any of these things? The last I checked Good Burger was supposed to be funny and seeing Ed in his first adventure was kind of cute because he was still a kid. The last I want to see is our supposed hero still working at Good Burger 20 years later in his mid 30s. That would just depress me and the last time I checked a comedy is supposed to be funny. Not make me sad.

Image result for lizzie mcguire

Anyway the point I’m trying to make is that I’m tired of all of these remakes being made. Hollywood we as consumers WANT SOMETHING ORIGINAL. You need to make stuff for us to fall in love with and make new classics. This whole formula of rehashing ideas over and over again is not impressing us or even making us excited for these things. I mean can you imagine in the 80s if The Goonies, Indiana Jones, and The Terminator weren’t made because they kept remaking Leave it the Beaver on the big screen? Just take a look at how well this over rebooting has done for Sony with Spider-Man and Ghostbusters. They tanked because people were fine with the originals (except for Spider-Man 3 and emo Spidey… no one was fine with that). I just don’t understand this generation it’s like studios are afraid to be innovative and give us something new so they’d rather just keep feeding us Chef Boyarde and present it as real Italian food. The last I checked Chef Boyarde is just that Chef Boyarde. So, please Hollywood. Give us something new because we are desperately wanting a new thing to fall in love with.

Your Friend Cheese.

Super Troopers 2 (2018) Review

Hey there film fans it’s me Cheese and I’m back with another review. My wife and I last week went and saw the new installment from the Broken Lizard crew. That would be the new “Super Troopers” film. Quite frankly comedy sequels that had come out after 15 + years hasn’t been too kind historically just look at “Dumb and Dumber To” and “Zoolander 2” both were quite forgettable sequels and would have done better if they didn’t exist.

dumb and dumber 2

Enough about those let’s dive into the new “Super Troopers” film. The movie is directed by Jay Chandrasekhar and was written by the Broken Lizard crew. Overall I felt the movie was pretty well done and had a lot of hilarious moments which is what it was aiming for. Did I think it was as good as the first one? No, but I did really enjoy this installment. So all of those who is worried that this is going to shit all over the first ones legacy like a couple of some other comedy sequels had done well don’t. Go out and see and just enjoy yourself and get a mustache ride. I give the film a B on my grading scale. See you all later for the next review.

What made me fall in love with Video Games

Hey there everybody it’s Cheese again and I was just sitting here reading Dan Driver’s new article about Guardian Heroes on GameTripper’s site and it got me thinking that I have come to tell you all about how I came to love film but I have forgotten to mention what brought me into this special community of video games. Well let’s back track to I think it had to have been Christmas of 91′ when I was four years old and there was this big package that was under our tree but when I went over to it to pick it up I realized that it didn’t have a name on it so I’m not sure if this was an actual Christmas miracle or if this package was really mine to begin with and my parent’s forgot to put a label on it or if it might have been a package for my cousin which my parent’s might have compensated my Uncle for later but my parent’s gave it to me and I opened it and what sat right before me was an Nintendo Entertainment System complete with a light gun and Mario Bros and Duck Hunt included. I think it might have come with the mat too but I can’t remember. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of my journey as a gamer and my love for everything gaming.


I remember when I was that age that I had my own bedroom with my own TV and a waterbed which I loved because I had basically taken over my parent’s bedroom after my sister was born and she took over my old bedroom. I still remember my Dad hooking my NES up and the first game I played was Mario Bros. I didn’t know anything about this new thing I had just gotten for Christmas as I was only 4 and I don’t recall ever asking for a Nintendo Entertainment System. I absolutely fell in love with the graphics and just how these games made me feel. Duck Hunt was an absolute favorite of mine from the get go because hey I was 4 and what little kids do you know of didn’t enjoy games revolving a gun in some kind? I know I always enjoyed a little game of cops and robbers growing up. I remember when my older half brother came to live with us that he had brought some of his games with him which he would end up giving to me eventually like Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Spy vs Spy, Nintendo’s Ice Hockey which I still to this day thinks was one of the best sports games I had ever played.

These years were kind of a blur for me however I don’t really recall how many games I gained over this period of time I do remember over the course of my years on the NES picking up such classics like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The Arcade game and Battletoads which I only picked up from our local Walmart just because I loved the cover artwork of the game and that it looked cool. Little did I know that it would be the introduction to me and my love for Rareware games later on in life but hey we all have to start somewhere. Back then we weren’t as lucky as we are now as being able to have the internet at our fingertips to be able to find certain websites lite gamespot to help guide me in being able to avoid certain clunkers like I mean I’m kind of ashamed to admit that I still have my original copy of Dick Tracy for the NES. I must have had this game for 20+ years now and I believe is the only original game I have from that time period as well when time changes so does everything around you.

TMNT Arcade

So let’s fast forward a couple years after I got my NES and I remember one night out of nowhere I just started counting and I remember I had counted to 100 for the first time in my life and I felt so proud of myself that I wanted to tell my Mom (back then my Mom and I had a very good relationship). So I went to my Mom in her loft area when she was working one night and I was like Mom look at what I can do, you know like kids do. I then began to count to 100 and my Mom was so proud of me that she was like Cheese how would you like to get something special for doing such a great job? And I was like yeah sure. Little did I know that she would end up furthering my love for gaming by going out and getting me a Mega Drive 2 (Genesis for my fellow Americans). This console by far would make me fall in love with all over again. I mean I already loved the graphics for the NES but the Genesis’ 16 bit graphics just blew me away. Plus my console introduced me to Sonic with Sonic 2. No offense to Mario but Sonic to me far and away blew Mario Bros out the window. Sure my Genesis didn’t come with a light gun but it didn’t have to. This was the beginning for my love of Sega.


I just remember growing up during that time and I had always felt different. My friends who grew up on my block around me all had SNES’ or NES’ and to me I had always loved my Genesis the most out of those consoles. Sure did I enjoy going over to their houses and playing Super Mario World every now and then but to me it was never as good as when I got home to playing my Genesis. It wasn’t actually until years later did I realize that Sega had came out with a competing console against Nintendo here in America with the Sega Master System as I had never seen one ever growing up. In fact it wasn’t until recently when I walked into a retro game shop was the first time I had ever seen one in real life and I’m now 30 years old. Out of all my old consoles I’ve had my Genesis is the only one I still have so there must be a reason why I have kept it after all of these years. Now that I think about it if I could go back in time I would love to be able to keep all of my old consoles and games but in some way I tried to give back to those who were unfortunate. After I got my SNES one Christmas I ended up giving away my original NES to my cousin after I had found out his broke like the shelf in it would no longer work or something like that and I’ll always remember my original NES had a Snoopy and Woodstock sticker on it because I loved Snoopy back then. I would go on to give him basically all of my games except Dick Tracy and I’m not sure if the reason why I have two TMNT Arcade games is because I kept an original copy of that game too and re bought it by accident one day or what. Gaming to me has been a really important aspect to me and my life. I remember when my best friend moved away and when all of a sudden I was no longer welcomed at my neighbor’s house because my friend’s older brother hated me for some reason or even when my 13 year old neighbor had molested me when I was 7 or 8 years old that I always had games to keep me company besides my dogs.

Just like I said before I had always felt out of place and older than my age implies. I didn’t mention that last part to gain any sympathy I just am mentioning what my life has been like for me and what gaming has meant to me over the years. I unfortunately don’t remember a lot of the early years besides tidbits because well when I turned 18 these repressed memories of when I was molested started coming back and I turned to drugs and alcohol to try and help me forget. I now have almost 8 years clean and I have finally forgiven myself for the fact that it wasn’t my fault that this individual was in my home and there was nothing I could have done to have prevented it from happening. I’ll always remember however that we were playing The Simpson’s Virtual Bart on the SNES before it happened. I write this as being a survivor and I hope to encourage others to do the same one day. After all of these things I have always had games to help guide me through life. I have had Nintendo to Sega to Sony to Microsoft to playing games on PC it didn’t matter. I have just always have loved to be able to have the experience to escape and play as someone or something else even just for a little bit. I just have always loved the possibility of fantasy. My life has definitely turned out a lot differently than what I was expecting back when i was 12 years old wanting to become a video game programmer as that dream hasn’t come to fruition but I wouldn’t change anything along the way as I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today. Thanks for reading.


virtual bart

Truth or Dare (2018) Review

Okay film enthusiasts it’s your old buddy Cheese here and I’m back with another film review. Last night I went to a late night showing of “Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare” which was direct by Jeff Wadlow and written by 3 other people besides himself which should tell you something right there. Usually in my opinion if a film has more than let’s say 2 writers than it usually tends to be bad. And well this film really wasn’t too far off. I saw the trailers and was like yeah not too interested but the more trailers I saw the more intrigued I got into seeing it and well since I have a movie pass which makes me feel like I’m not wasting my money as much anymore if I see a bad flick that I thought I would see it for you guys and give you my two cents on it.  Then when I saw it was PG 13 I couldn’t help but feel it was going to be bad.


This film felt like I was watching “Quija” movie from 2014 or another Blumhouse film that came out in 2015 called “Unfriended” again with a bunch of protagonists that are about as shallow as piece of paper that you really don’t feel for any single one of them. Then there’s the whole new cliche in these films where one of our protagonist’s family member or close friend has died by suicide and then our protagonist is keeping a secret from their “best” friend in order to protect them. To me it felt like I was watching “Unfriended” again but this time with a different title and with a game but then again even in “Unfriended” they too ended up playing a game with the ghost in cyberspace that was killing off their friends. Only that game was never have I ever. To me it feels like Blumhouse is just ripping off their own stuff now and just tweaking things around and trying to serve it as something different. Then milking us for our money in the process.


If you’re a fan of horror I wouldn’t waste my money going to see this film as when I first saw when Olivia was forced to choose between Truth or Dare I laughed more than anything else at how stupid the facial expressions the characters were making around her which was in fact supposed to be scary. The only reason why Blumhouse keeps making films like this is because they know that they can make money off of them based off what we went and saw in the past. For me the movie was all down hill after I saw the little Easter egg at the beginning at the Mission where we saw a close up of what looked like Bughuul from the “Sinister” films. The film also got some bonus points from me for the girl at the beginning asking for a pack of “Morley’s” which was an obvious reference to the old “The X-Files” TV show as that was the brand of cigarette the Cigarette Smoking Man always smoked.


Anyway back to the topic at hand overall this film on my grading scale would get a D as in dog shit. Don’t support this. Wait until it comes to DVD or Ondemand even then I wouldn’t recommend watching it. There is plenty of other great content out there to watch  on NetFlix or Amazon Prime so do yourself a favor and just pass this one over and let it become irrelevant like it should have been in the first place. Just another carbon copy of a couple of bad horror movies in the past just with another title on the poster.



Favorite Anime

Okay well I was just talking to one of my buddies on twitter the other day and after he saw my post about how excited I was about finally getting the version of Akira that I always wanted with the original dub from back in the early 90s with this awesome 32 page booklet. We got to talking and he suggested I should do a topic on my blog about what some of my favorite anime is and well here I am.

Just to let you know I was introduced to anime when I was about 12 going on 13 I think and that was through Toonami on Cartoon Network here in the US which used to have it’s own block of anime shows they would show in the afternoon as soon as I would get off of school and well I remember one day one of my buddy’s had come over and we turned on the TV and there was an episode of Dragon Ball Z on there from the Namek saga and well instead of changing the channel like I normally would have done him and I just sat down and watched the episode. I was instantly hooked. From that point on I wanted to get my hands on more DBZ and get to see what I had missed from the beginning. But I would continue to watch Toonami everyday and actually tape them (Remember being able to record things on VHS tapes back in the day).


This was the last summer my buddy and I got to spend together before he moved away to Virginia. I think he got hooked just like I did only he went a few steps further and started doing more research into other ones besides just DBZ like anime feature length films and the first one he introduced me to was Ninja Scroll and WOW! Talk about me basically jizzing in my pants over that flick. I loved every second of it. I remember that summer I basically went into Suncoast (RIP) at my local mall whenever I got a chance and would pick up any kind of anime I could my chubby little fingers on that had some kind of cool cover art on them or funny names and would take them home with me. Some were better than others for sure. Some were absolute duds but hey that’s life.


My buddy came to me one day and was telling me about this awesome anime that was first released on VHS here in America in the early 90s but it in the late 90s and early 2000s they were long out of print. This anime I’m speaking about is my all time favorite anime ever and that would be Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira. Luckily for me even though it was long out of print on VHS by the time I found out about it the film was about to get released on DVD I think it was released in July of 2000 or 2001? I can’t really remember but I remember the hype surrounding it just by the word of mouth my buddy gave me about it and when I put it on and watched it I was absolutely blown away by what I had seen. Everything to me about that film was perfection. I loved the art style, I loved the music, I loved the animation. This was also my first steelbook I ever bought and I’m thankful to say that after all of these years I still have it which is amazing since I don’t really have a lot of my old stuff I did back in those days. I swear that summer I must have watched nothing but Akira and American Psycho on repeat the entire summer.


As for some of my other favorite anime features growing up were Ghost in the Shell, Blood the Last Vampire, Vampire Hunter D, and Perfect Blue just to name a few of them. I would probably say that if I had to choose between all of those if I could only live with one of them and had to discard the rest out of the four I listed I would probably keep Perfect Blue. It was just something I had never really seen before in the form of an anime. The tension was just off the chain and really made me feel unnerved while I was watching it. Plus again the animation and music were top notch. I’m glad I still have my DVD copy of this film because apparently it has been long out of print here in America just like Akira was here back in the 90s.

Perfect Blue

It’s such a shame that the director of Perfect Blue has passed away because I’m sure he really would have made a lot more great films besides just this one and Paprika. Anyway, to get back to some of my favorite anime series. My favorite series besides DBZ I would say are Outlaw Star, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam Wing, etc. Unfortunately over the last decade or so I really haven’t kept up with a lot of anime as it seemed like it became so over saturated here in America and I just couldn’t keep up with them anymore. But with all of the ones that I listed do I really need to anyway? Maybe one day I’ll get back into them but right now I’m perfectly happy with what I have (besides my Mom tossing out a lot of my old great anime) but that’s besides the point. What would you say would be your favorites? Or are you like me and kind of fell out of touch with it after awhile? Again I would like to thank my buddy Simon for giving me the inspiration to write on this topic for my blog. Hope you all have a great rest of your evening.



In With New and Out with the Old?

Okay so as you all know I have been a huge fan of going to the cinema as early as I can remember. It was always something that my Dad or my friends would do besides playing video games to have a good time. But just like anything else over time things change and just like in life we learn to adapt to our surrounding environment and make do. Needless to say it’s hard to believe that a little over a decade ago we still had Blockbusters, Hollywood Video, or even the little mom and pop rental shops before this Goliath in the waiting we now know as NetFlix has come to be and basically put all of these other shops out of business. I mean why do we need to have all of these rental places when we could just sit at home and stream the films right from our online devices? Question is has it really made our lives all that much better?


To me it really hasn’t. Sure streaming is fun but to me it was always an adventure to go to my nearest Blockbuster and get to roam throughout the aisles looking through all of the new movies and video games actually getting the opportunity to physically hold the item I was curious in renting and getting the chance to absorb the cover art and reading the synopsis on the back of each item. I also miss the smell of my old Blockbuster which kind of smelled like an indoor pool for some reason. How this has to do with my topic that I put in the title is that now NetFlix has branched out as everyone knows to doing more than just streaming our old favorite movies and TV shows. They now are producing their own movies and TV shows for us to enjoy. So, is history going to repeat itself now with us in our lifetimes starting to see Cinemas go under and films will just come directly to our NetFlix or Amazon Prime accounts?

blockbuster games

I think it’s safe to say that unless we do see some changes from Cinemas that it very well might happen where these streaming sites will actually topple these immovable objects during our lifetime. I mean I do think it’s really cool that here in the US that at participating theaters they do offer to honor this new thing called a Movie Pass which when I bought mine was about $7.99 a month to be able to get one ticket to see one movie a day everyday of the year (which is actually cheaper than a monthly subscription for NetFlix or is it really?) so it is obvious that they are trying to get us the consumer to come back because I remember when I checked when they were first announced like no theaters around me were honoring this program but when I checked again a few weeks ago at the participating locations my phone lit up like a Christmas tree. It’s nice that they’re offering this but still if they really want us to get off our couches and come back to the theaters I still think there is more work for them to do and no it doesn’t have anything to do with your seats Cinema folk. I mean I’ve met some people on twitter who haven’t been to the cinema in over 5 years which I found surprising but then back in October I went about 3 months before I saw my next film because I just didn’t want to waste my money on possibly seeing a bad film (Thank you mother! I’m looking at you) It has to do with your ungodly prices at the concession stand! This topic came up to me last night when my wife and I went out to the theater and I used my movie pass which was awesome and then we get to the concession stand to get some popcorn and drinks and that alone came out to be over $30 for just the two of us. If you want to get us in the door by offering to honor these passes then the least you could do also is lower the prices of your concessions too. I would like to know what you think about this? What would bring you back to the theaters? Has it lost it’s magic with you? Or do you not even really care?



Anyway, if you want to at least cut half off the cost down I highly recommend getting a movie pass like I did so far I’ve seen 3 movies using it and it has definitely worked wonders for me. I’m just hoping that they bring down the prices for the concessions one day. I know for me as long as they still show stuff in cinemas I’ll still make my way out to go see them because to me it still holds its magic and awe for me just like Blockbuster once did for me. The question is will our kids hold onto that same type of mantle or will they too grow up without cinemas like they are without our once beloved rental places? I don’t know I guess the jury is still out on that. I hope it doesn’t come to that. Then again I didn’t think I would live to see Toys R’Us go out of business either. So anything is possible is what I have learned.

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A Quiet Place (2018) Review

Okay I know I know I know Cheese you’re giving us a lot today with 3 reviews in one day but hey I was back logged and well today my wife and I went out to see A Quiet Place which I was surprised to have found out was directed and partially written by John Kransinski (Jim from The Office)


And boy was I surprised about this film. John Kransinski also has a role in the film as well as the patriarchal father just trying to take care of his family in a post apocalyptic world where these monsters who can’t see but have super sensitive hearing have taken over what I’m assuming is the world but maybe just their area. There’s very little dialogue in the film and the characters are often speaking to each other in sign language which was pretty cool. Emily Blunt was in top form again as I don’t shy away from the fact that I do really enjoy her body of work that I have seen throughout the years. I’m not going to give away any spoilers but I do think the pacing was well done, kept me on my seat waiting to see what will happen next, and the kid actors didn’t bother me so all of those were pluses for me. So, if you want to take your significant other out for a fun night at the theaters I would recommend seeing this one. There are some negatives but then again there are to every film. Just go in with an open mind and I think you’ll have a good time. I think what I’m learning is that actors can in fact turn out to be good directors (Ben Affleck, Jordan Peele, and now John Kransinski).  I’d give this film an A- on my scale. Okay, have a great rest of your night film fans I do have another topic based blog in store for tomorrow that I’m planning on writing.